Many travelers going to NYC choose to end their flights at the New Jersey’s Newark International Airport due to the cheaper tickets and a relatively short period of time it takes to get from New Jersey to Manhattan. There are fewer chances that you will end up stuck in traffic than if you went to some of the New York City airports.

It takes approximately from thirty to forty-five minutes to get from New Jersey’s biggest airport to the center of the Big Apple. It is not a lot of time when you are well rested and comfortable, but it can be an endless ride in a loud, unkept and a neglected vehicle. As a result, you will get into a bad mood and maybe even ruin the rest of your day.

A taxi ride from Newark airport to Manhattan will cost you just as much as a ride in our NJ limo service. Unlike the transportation that you get to catch yourself at the EWR when you book your limo from Newark airport to NYC, you will get a reliable professional chauffeur, superb looking car and a ride in a luxurious vehicle with the maximum of comfort. You won’t have to wait in line to get a taxi or a seat on a shuttle and you will have someone to help you with luggage.


Corporate EWR Limo Service To NYC

When you travel for personal reasons from Newark to New York City downtown, having an NJ limo service to take you from one point to the next may seem like a luxury, but when you travel for business – limo is the best, safest and most reliable option. Booking an EWR limo service to take you to an office in New York City can be the best business decision you make. Sometimes it is the only guarantee you will get to a meeting or a conference on time, without the unnecessary delays or unexpected expenses for you or your company. Limousine service is an excellent choice for business executives traveling from EWR to NYC and bigger corporate teams who need to be transported in one bigger vehicle that may not normally be available at the airport.


Sedan, Luxury Van and SUV Limos

When you arrive at Newark airport without reserved transportation, you have to take whatever transportation is available, which is not that practical or economical for those who travel alone or in larger groups. If you want to ensure that your group is always in the same place at the same time, just book a limo and a vehicle that you feel would perfectly suit your needs. In case you are traveling with your family, you can get an SUV. If your colleagues need a transfer to the Big Apple – there is a sprinter van.


Quick, Reliable And Affordable Service

If you are booking an EWR limo service to NYC, you should get it for three simple reasons – to get to your destination quickly, not to have a car be late to pick you up and not to overpay for such simple door-to-door service.

You can always count on our experienced drivers to know exactly where you are going and how to get there as quickly as possible with a little help from our dedicated staff that tracks them via GPS. They will be at the Newark airport before your plane even lands, ready to open doors and carry your bags.

Our service surpasses any transportation available at the Newark airport, but we are just as affordable as any taxi service. Plus, if you are traveling with us for the very first time – we will give you a special discount.