Business fairs can be complicated and exhausting part of any business and certainly a test of competence for any transportation company out there. We are ready to assist you with any number of employees and business partners that need NJ limo service to a business fairs, as well as any luggage that you’re carrying with you.

New Jersey and New York are some of the busiest cities in United States, especially during fairs, and finding your way around those areas requires a real local driving expert.

Long Term Experience in Corporate Transport in NJ

Our chauffeurs are professionals with long term experience in driving corporate clients around the Tri-State area. They always find the best and fastest routes to your destination, but at the same time pay great attention to your safety and safety of your luggage. In case you arrive by the plane, our chauffeurs will wait for you at the airport and as soon as your plane lands, ready to pick you up. You will understand the true meaning of comfort in our limos and you will have all the privacy you need to do your work or rest from your busy schedule.

Vehicles for All Your Business Needs

Our fleet is large and diverse, so you can choose a vehicle according to your needs. Your executives and business partners can sit comfortably in one of our stretch limos, SUVs or sedans, while a larger number of employees will fit perfectly in our luxury vans or coach buses which can take up to 50 passengers. All you have to do is make a reservation, tell us the date, time and place from which to pick you up and we will suggest the perfect vehicle and premium fairs limo service in NJ for everyone in your company.

Dedicated Staff Available 24/7

Our staff of dispatchers is at your disposal 24/7/365, ready to plan out or follow your schedule and make sure everything is executed exactly as it should be. They are equipped with latest software helping them track flights, so they know at all times whether you will be late or not. They communicate with chauffeurs to ensure everything is going according to the plan.

Best NJ Limo Service Rates for Companies


Why Kismet NJ limousine service – our prices are extremely affordable and we even offer corporate discount. We believe that companies should spend their money wisely and that quality transportation should not be a shock for your firm’s budget.

Book our fairs limo service now via phone if you need immediate transportation or if you have special requirements. You can also book by using our streamlined website form and avoid any possible mistakes. We even have an app available for iPhone as well as Android users.

Feel free to combine our fairs services with any other services in our offer like airport transportation if you’re in a hurry to catch a plane, New Jersey limo tour if you would like to make the most out of your visit or our dinner limo service if you wish to relax after a hard day.

Our company’s policy is to make a special account for all our business clients. That way, when you chose to use our services again in the future, we will know in advance what kind of transportation you prefer and where you are going.

We have been in the limo business for 25 years, because all our clients, and especially business ones, rely on us to get professional and safe transportation anytime and anywhere. They know that with us they can focus on making the most out of their business fairs and leave the transportation to us.