Rutgers University in New Brunswick is the largest institution for higher education in New Jersey. It is the eight oldest college in the United States and always listed among the hundred best colleges in the United States. It has three campuses – the original one in New Brunswick, the one in Newark and the one in Camden, while older students are allowed to live anywhere in the area.

JFK airport is by no means close to the Rutgers University, there is an entire hour or more of driving for anyone flying to America’s greatest airport to reach the famous New Brunswick college. This goes for new and old students as well as guest lecturers, associate and full-time professors. If you or your college staff and guests are going to travel for that long, you should better ensure a comfortable transportation or otherwise it can turn into one unpleasant ride.

JFK Limo Transportation For Students

Students seem the be most affected by the long distance between the JFK airport and the college. They are going back and forth multiple times during holidays, which is also the time when crowds reach their peak and this pattern repeats during all those years at the college.

Of course, staying far from home for such a long time means you as a student are carrying quite a luggage with you. Trying to handle it all by yourself on your way from JFK to the Rutgers campus can not only turn out to be an unpleasant experience.

When you book our limo you will get help, not only for your luggage but for anything else you may need during your ride. Our staff will be happy to recommend the best local bars and restaurants, fairs and festivals and generally make you feel at home in New Jersey.

Best things about our services are that you can book a single vehicle, like an SUV or a luxury van and then split the cost among your friends, but still get the quality and comfort that comes with a private chauffeured service.

JFK Limo Service For Professors and Guest Lecturers

Rutgers University is dedicated to a scientific research, but it is also a place where great names from the business and entertainment world spent their college years. Many significant lecturers are honored to have an opportunity to present even once at this educational institution or to be invited and engaged as professors for a year or longer.

You should, by no means, allow your important guests and respected professors to look for their own transportation to Rutgers University among the chaotic JFK offer. They could get scammed, but that would only bring bad reputation to you as an institution that didn’t take sufficient care of their employee or a guest.

To show your guest lecturers and professors how much you appreciate them, you should book a luxurious transportation from JFK airport to Rutgers University. We can provide a sedan for those traveling alone, as well as SUV or luxury van for small and bigger groups. Our chauffeurs will make your VIP lecturer feel most welcome and very appreciated. We will act as a true partner and make sure to present your institution in the best possible manner.

Best JFK to Rutgers University Limo Service

The quality of our limousine service which is unprecedented in the entire New Jersey can only be proven by the fact that we have been in this business for more than a quarter of a century. Our limo company has a long-standing tradition of luxurious transportation, but also very affordable prices. What is more, if you book our limo service to Rutgers University via our iOS or Android app, you will get a 10% discount.

Use all the benefits of a JFK to Rutgers University limo service for a very affordable price and give yourself or your important guest the treatment that they deserve.