Long Island is located in the Southeast of New York state, and even though it legally isn’t, it very much geographically is an island.

Four counties of New York are located on this island and they are Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk. Two of New York City’s boroughs are also on the east of Long Island – Brooklyn and Queens. Colloquially, many citizens of Long Island consider only Nassau and Suffolk to be a part of the island, even though technically half of NYC is located there as well.

Two major airports are also on the territory of Long Island, John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and LaGuardia Airport.

With more than half of the NYC population living now on Long Island making it one of the most densely populated regions of the country, it is only to be expected to face traffic jams at every corner.

Due to challenging transportation, we decided to confront this problem and offer people a reliable and affordable Long Island limo service.

Getting around Long Island will become much easier and even a pleasant experience if you choose our vehicles to take you wherever you need to be. 


Transfers from JFK & EWR Airport

With two major airports situated at Long Island, reaching yours can be a bit of a hassle. Especially since you have to be at least one hour earlier at the terminal. 

To rest assured that you will catch your flight on time, order our Long Island limo service. Our dedicated and professional drivers are always punctual and ready to drive you to your airport. 

If you are landing at either JFK or LaGuardia, our chauffeurs will be there to greet you, help you with your luggage and take you to any address you wish.

In case you want to make stops along the way, or have a planned itinerary, be sure to submit that to us during your booking process.


Ride Comfortably with Our Luxurious Limousine

Our luxurious fleet includes only top-class vehicles. You can choose between our sedans, SUVs, or even vans in case you are traveling with a big group. Depending on your transportation needs, our customer support team can also help you decide on the right vehicle. 

Our sedans can fit up to three persons including their individual luggage, while SUVs are a bit more spacious in terms of passenger room and suitcase compartment. As goes for the bigger groups of up to 12 or 16 people, our vans would be the best pick.

Besides usual equipment, such as air-conditioners, heaters, and loudspeakers, our vehicles have additional amenities that are bound to make your ride even more pleasant. Each of our cars and vans have free of charge WiFi, Bluetooth, and DVD players with corresponding LCD screens. If you forgot to charge your phone, no worries. We provide mobile chargers as well. 


Make a Reservation of your Long Island Limo Service

We always warmly suggest to our clients to book their desired vehicle at least one day in advance. It can become hectic, especially during the holiday season when everybody comes back home to spend the most beautiful time of the year with their family.

Book your ride either through our online reservation form or give us a call. If you decide to book online, please enter all the necessary information. Besides including the date, time and location of your pick-up, if you are landing at the airport, mention your flight number as well. That way we can track your flight and take action in case of delays.

Order your car and arrive comfortably and in style wherever you need to be. Call Kismet Limousine today!