In case you have booked plane tickets to JFK, and you are traveling in a group, you will probably want to avoid chasing cabs or waiting for crowded shuttles once you land. 

The best way to do so is to book our luxury van service JFK as soon as you have the time and date of your flight, and our driver will meet and greet you and members of your group as soon as you claim your luggage. He will help you with the bags, make sure that you are all comfortably seated in one of our deluxe vans and you will be on the way to your destination just minutes after landing. 

You can say goodbye to late arrivals and traveling separately in the taxi cabs because we will be there to help you reach the desired destination together and on time. We offer customizable, quality transportation which will satisfy even the most demanding members of your group. Just tell our agents if you and your fellow travelers have any special requests and we will take care of everything else. 

Luxury Van Service JFK For Business People

New York City and New Jersey area attract business people from around the world who are heading to trade shows, fundraisers, conferences, and other events. Most of them decide to use JFK airport, but they realize that finding decent transportation at such a crowded airport is complicated, especially when they are traveling in a group. 

You can book our luxury van service JFK and we guarantee that a polished, air-conditioned vehicle and a private driver will be there. We will ensure that you, your colleagues or important out of town clients reach any destination as easy as possible and on time.

We can take you straight to the event venue, and in case you want to take a break and freshen up, our driver will take you to the hotel, waiting for you to continue your journey whenever you get ready.

Luxury Group Transportation from JFK to Sports and Music Events

In case that you and your closest friends or colleagues want to cheer your favorite sports team at Metlife Stadium, or if you are headed to a music spectacle at Madison Square Garden, we will be at JFK as soon as your plane lands.

Feel free to bring your luggage and cheering props too, because the vans we offer have huge luggage space, and our driver will carefully pack everything before you continue your way to long-awaited music or sports show. 

When the event is over, you and your companions can count on us to take you back to the airport to catch a flight back home, or to a hotel in case, you plan on staying in NYC or NJ for a couple of days. All you have to do is share all the details regarding your plan to our agents when making your reservation, and we will take care of the rest.

Deluxe Vans for Ultimate Travel Experience

Our vans can accommodate up to sixteen people. Every vehicle is in perfect condition and equipped with high-end amenities like DVD players, WiFi, comfortable seats, mobile chargers, tinted windows, and many other things.

All you have to do is fill out the online booking form on our website, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to speak with some of our dedicated customer representatives don’t hesitate to give us a call at any time. Let us show you why we are leading transportation companies in this area, especially when it comes to group transfers to and from JFK.