No one appreciates their time like business people. They know its true worth and how essential it is to use every second wisely. That is why Kismet NJ limo service created its Meetings and Events service. We understand how important it is for you to make it to every meeting and event in time and not having to think about transportation.

Maybe you’re booking a limo for yourself, your boss, your team of employees, your business partner or an important client. Maybe you need to go straight from one of the New Jersey or New York airports to the meeting and back without stressing about transportation. Maybe you just have several meetings during one day or need to go out of town and you can’t afford to be late or miss any of them. Whatever the case – we are there for you.

 We Drive so You Can Focus on Business

Our drivers are professional drivers with years of experience. We hire only the best of them to make sure that our passengers are safe and that they are getting the service they deserve. Our drivers are courteous and friendly, always ready to start their engine when you need them to. They are masters behind the wheel, who always find the best and fastest route for you to lose as little time as possible, especially traveling in the city as busy as New York and New Jersey. Using our NJ limo service means getting all the privacy you need to do your work or rest and refresh until your next meeting. In case you just are traveling by plane our drivers will stay in contact with our dispatchers who use the latest software to track your flight schedule and know in advance whether you will be late or not. They will be waiting for you as soon as you get off the plane, ready to help you with any luggage you may have.

Vehicle for Any Type of Corporate Travel

We have large fleet and variety of vehicles that you can choose from. Sedans are usually business people’s favorite, but there are also SUVs and stretch limos in case you prefer the kind of comfort they provide. For larger business teams and corporate travel, we also have luxury vans and buses that fit up to 50 people. All of our business clients get their own special account, so we know each time you book our New Jersey limousine service what kind of vehicle you prefer and where you are going.

Get Luxury Transport at the Best Price

Our corporate New Jersey limo services are extremely affordable and prices are fixed with no hidden fees or costs that surprise you at the end of your travel. We even offer 10% discount if you download our app and use it to book our service and you can always ask about our corporate discount. Other than that you can book via phone if you need immediate transportation or special requests or via our website to make sure no mistakes are being made.

You can combine your meetings and events limo with our other services like airport transportation or hourly transportation in case you want to visit the tourist attractions and famous landmarks of the Tri-State Area. We work around the clock to make sure you arrive to your destination on time and make the most out of your visit. Our dedication, reliability and professionalism is what kept us in the business for 24 years and provided us with numerous corporate clients that trust us immensely when it comes to transportation.

We do our job of driving, so you can focus on your job.