We provide our clients with a wide variety of services, suitable for all of their needs and occasions. Our point-to-point limo service in New Jersey is created with an aim to provide you with a higher level of comfort and convenience when traveling.

With our point-to-point limo service there are no limitations – you can go short distance to the next office or a club, for example, or long distance to the next town, city or business center. The rates are calculated by the mile and you only pay for the distance you travel in our limo.

This service is best used in occasions when you need to make a one way trip from one location to another, or when you are in need of a reliable round trip service, and you know the exact pickup times. For example, you can book your point-to-point limo from one of the local airports (Newark, Teterboro, LaGuardia and JFK airport) to the hotel, house or an office building and vice versa. It is the ideal solution for those times when you need a safe and quick transportation from New Jersey to New York City and you don’t feel like driving or simply can’t be bothered with traffic and parking spots. You can book it for yourself or someone coming to New Jersey for a business or personal visit. Regardless where you are going, our point-to-point service is the best choice for efficient transportation.

Sophisticated New Jersey Limo Service

We wouldn’t be able to maintain such a high reputation over the 24 years if it weren’t for our luxurious fleet leading the way. We give our clients the option to choose between a wide variety of luxurious vehicles – from executive sedans to spacious SUVs and attention demanding limos, we will present you with a lot of options. All of our limos are equipped with quality features you would expect from such a luxurious transportation like WiFi, DVD player, black leather interior and so on. We have everything you need to provide you with a very pleasant limo experience that you will want to book again.

Reliable Chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs are skilled professionals with years of experience in their job and they will make sure you get a quick and safe point to point limo service any time. They are courteous and polite, ready to do their best to make your ride more enjoyable and comfortable. When it’s time to pick you up, they will arrive 15 minutes early at the set location and wait for you. With us, you can always expect a reliable and prompt service. Feel free to schedule multiple stops during your point-to-point NJ limo service, but just make sure to announce their locations and time of visit in advance during your booking and reservation process.

Best Prices In New Jersey

Besides our supreme fleet of vehicles and professional chauffeurs, we also pride ourselves in maintaining the lowest and most budget friendly rates on the market. What is more, we offer a special discount for all first time customers. You have the option to combine this offer with some of our extra services in order to create the most personalized point-to-point transportation service for your current needs.

If you need any assistance, our customer service is here to give you around the clock customer support, because we want to make sure that your time in our limo is well spent and that you will be so pleased that you will call us again.

Contact us today via our iOS and Android app, our website or just dial our phone and book your own point-to-point limo service.