Princeton is one of the oldest universities in the United States, established before the American Revolution which makes it one of the nine colonial colleges. It is located in a beautiful, quiet town Princeton, and because of its organization and architecture, it is evocative to Oxford and Cambridge.

Besides its long history span, Princeton University is well known because of many world-famous people who have been associated with it. For example, John F Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and a well-known mathematician Alan Turing were all studying at this university. The legendary Albert Einstein was a member of the Institute For Advanced Study which is associated with Princeton University. These are just some of the many notable people who have been a part of this institution, and there are many more who made a strong impact on world history.

Considering all these facts it is obvious why someone should choose to study or teach exactly here. We will provide first-class limo service no matter if you are a student, a professor or a guest at this prestige facility.

In case that you are coming here as a tourist, you will be amazed by the FitzRandolph Gate in front of Nassau Hall which is the oldest building at Princeton University. You can also enjoy the beauty of the Chapel, or visit the art museum. The youngest visitors will love the Cotsen Children’s Library and if you love sports, you can watch some of many Princeton athletic events (some of them are free of charge).

JFK Airport Limo to Princeton University

When you are about to come to one of the busiest airports in the United States, such as JFK airport which handles over 50 million passengers per year, you will probably want to make sure that there will be someone waiting for you when your plane lands. Booking our JFK airport limo service will ensure that our driver will be there waiting for you at the exit or after your luggage claim and provide a safe ride, that lasts a little less than two hours, from JFK to Princeton University.

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If you need a ride back to the airport from Princeton during holidays and seasonal breaks – we suggest you make a reservation in advance.

EWR to Princeton University Limo Service

Our transportation services are not limited to the JFK airport only. If you have booked your tickets to Newark International Airport, we will be at your service from the moment you get there. More than 60 different airline companies are operating to and from EWR airport, which makes it a pretty crowded place. However, you can rely on us to provide a prompt and timely, top-notch limo service to Princeton University that will get you to the campus hassle-free.

Comfortable and Luxurious Vehicles

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