Prom happens once in a lifetime and it is one of those events, like a wedding, that you will remember until the rest of your life. It is hard to even imagine a prom without a limousine filled with your friends and schoolmates. You can have that perfect glamorous entry to your big evening that you always dreamed about and all you have to do is pick your perfect gown, find a date and wait for our prom limo to pick you up.

Prom limos in NJ are hard to find when the prom season strikes and come March or April, it is impossible to get a decent limo. Of course, driving your children yourself or leaving them without a safe and reliable transportation is even worse. Their outfits could get ruined and they could feel bad when they see everyone else arriving in a glamorous limo.

Needless to say,  you can’t book just any transportation, but you have to make sure that your children are in the safe hands of a professional limo company that has a proven record of successful prom limo transfers. We can proudly say that all of our chauffeurs are long-term licensed driving professionals that were hired with recommendations and thorough background checks. We take great care of our limousines and buses and keep them well-maintained from the day we purchase them.

 Prom Limo For Groups Of All Sizes

Depending on the size of your group, you can choose a limo that can fit all of your friends. If you want a romantic private ride with your date, you can book a sedan, if you are going with a few selected friends an SUV will be just enough and for any bigger groups, you can book a luxury van or a prom bus. All of our limousines have comfortable leather seats and are kept in perfect condition at all times, which means those special prom gowns and suits will remain intact.

Glamorous Prom Bus

Just think of how much fun you can have when you gather all of your friends on a prom bus. This is one of the last or a very last time you get to spend this much time with your schoolmates and being gathered at one place is the best way to travel to a prom. A uniformed chauffeur will pick you and your friends up one by one or at someone’s house and take you to your school or wherever else you happen to be celebrating your special day. After the prom is over, our bus will be waiting for your children to take them safely back home.

Affordable NJ Limo Service

The best thing about our NJ limo service for proms, especially prom buses, is that you can split the costs with other parents. The prom limos are unavoidable, so if you have to have one for your children at least you can make sure they are not too expensive. Most prom limousines can make a real hole in your house budget, but our aim is to make this spending as little as possible.

Book our limousine right away through our website booking form or just dial our phone. We have iOS and Android apps that give you 10% discount if you use them to reserve your NJ prom limo. All payments are done online, you pay with all major credit cards and we will send you a confirmation right away.

You focus on your Instagram and leave the prom transportation to us and just make sure your phones are charged and ready to make those memories that will last a lifetime.